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Naeher S. (2020) Depositional Influences on Re-Os Systematics of Late Cretaceous–Eocene Coals and Carbonaceous Mudstones, Taranaki Basin, New Zealand
Rotich E, Handler M, Sykes R, Selby D & Naeher S
(2020) Climate and Environmental Change in the SW-Pacific of the Last ~14, 000 Years Using Lipid Biomarkers in Sediments of a New Zealand Lake
Naeher S, Bauersachs T, Stucker VK, Puddick J, Wood SA, Robert S, Schubert CJ & Vandergoes MJ
(2019) Re-Os Depositional Age and Geochemistry of the Late Paleocene Waipawa Formation, New Zealand
Rotich E, Handler M, Naeher S, Selby D, Hollis C & Sykes R
(2018) Maleimides: Novel Biological Markers in the Petroleum and Source Rocks
Wang G, Naeher S & Li J
(2015) Molecular and Geochemical Constraints on Anaerobic Ammonium Oxidation (Anammox) in a Riparian Zone of the Seine Estuary (France)
Naeher S, Huguet A, Roose-Amsaleg CL, Laverman AL, Lehmann MF, Derenne S & Zopfi J

Naemura K. (2016) Ultrapotassic Carbonatite Preserved in Orogenic Garnet Peridotite in the Continental Collision Zone
Naemura K, Svojtka M & Hirajima T

Naeraa Tomas (2012) Lower Crustal Archaean Rocks in South-East Greenland
Bagas L, Naeraa T, Reno B & Kolb J
(2012) Mesoarchean TTG Melt Formation and Migration in the Skjoldungen Region of South-East Greenland
Reno B, Naeraa T & Bagas L
(2012) Building Eoarchean Crust: The Arc Tholeiite TTG Connection
Hoffmann JE, Munker C, Nagel TJ, Naeraa T, Polat A & Rosing MT
(2012) Hf Isotope Evidence for a Transition in the Geodynamics of Continental Growth after 3.2 Ga
Naeraa T, Schersten A, Rosing M, Kemp T, Hoffmann E, Kokfelt T & Whitehouse M
(2012) The Hf-Nd Isotope Barcode of Crust Formation in the Archean Earth
Kemp T, Vervoort J, Whitehouse M, Hickman A, Van Kranendonk M & Naeraa T

Naeraa Tomas (2015) Combined Lu-Hf & Sm-Nd Garnet Constraints on Archean Crustal Growth at the SE-Greenland Margin
Tusch J, Naeraa T, Hoffmann JE & Münker C

Naeraa Tomas (2017) Tracing Hypoxia in the Baltic Sea Using Trace Elemental Geochemistry and Foraminiferal Faunal Assemblages
Ni S, Quintana Krupinski N, Groeneveld J, Seidenkrantz M-S, Knudsen KL, Fanget A-S, Naeraa T & Filipsson H

Naeraa Tomas (2020) Baddeleyite, Zircon and Monazite Minerals in the Metasomatites of the Varena Iron Ore Deposit in the Western East European Craton: Application for Dating Skarn and Ore Formation Processes
Skridlaite G, Soderlund U, Siliauskas L & Naeraa T

Nafplioti A. (2009) Early Bronze Age Manika on Euboea (Greece): A ‘colony’ or Not? Evidence from Strontium Isotope Ratio (87Sr/86Sr) Analysis
Nafplioti A

Naftaly A. (2015) Reactive Transport in Porous Media: Visualization and Modeling
Edery Y, Naftaly A, Dror I, Scher H & Berkowitz B

Naftz D (2005) A 270-Year Ice Core Record of Atmospheric Mercury Deposition to Western North America: An Indicator of a Partial Success of the United States Clean Air Act of 1970
Schuster P, Krabbenhoft D, Naftz D, Cecil D, Olson M, DeWild J, Susong D & Green J

Naftz Dave (2015) Arsenolipids in Sediments from Great Salt Lake
Glabonjat R, Raber G, Jensen K, Francesconi K, Schubotz F, Boyd E, Marvin-DiPasquale M & Naftz D

Naftz David (2014) Unique Membrane Lipids Typify Adaptations of Halophilic Archaea and Bacteria Across a Salinity Gradient at the Great Salt Lake
Schubotz F, Baxter B, Marvin-DiPasquale M, Naftz D & Boyd E

Nag R.K. (2023) Late-Cambrian Upper Amphibolite to Granulite-Facies Metamorphism in the Mikir Hills, Assam-Meghalaya Gneissic Complex (NE India): P-T History and Tectonic Implications
Nag RK, Cogné N, Hari H & Naraga P

Nag S. (2004) Arsenic Reduction by Bacteria in Shallow Aquifers from Ambikanagar in West Bengal (India)
Routh J, Saraswathy A, Bhattacharya A, Nag S, Sinha Ray S & Jacks G

Nagahara H. (2016) Interactive Evolution of Inorganic and Organic Materials and Water in Comets and Icy Bodies
Nagahara H, Noguchi T, Yabuta H, Itoh S, Sakamoto N, Mitsunari T, Okubo A, Okazaki R, Nakamura T, Tachibana S, Terada K, Ebihara M, Imae N & Kimura M
(2015) The Role of Percolation on the Volution of Lunar Magma Ocean and its Consequence for the Mantle Overturn
Hori A & Nagahara H
(2015) Chemical Evolution of a Protoplanetary Disk and Early Determination of Planetesimal Chemical Compositions
Nagahara H, Nakata M & Ozawa K
(2014) Chemical Evolution of the Protosolar Disk and Chondrite Compositions
Nakata M, Nagahara H & Ozawa K
(2014) Evolution of the Protosolar Disk and Planetesimal Compositions
Nagahara H & Ozawa K
(2013) Organic Nitrogen Cosmochemistry of Ultracarbonaceous Micrometeorite
Yabuta H, Noguchi T, Itoh S, Tsujimoto S, Sakamoto N, Hashiguchi M, Abe K, Kilcoyne D, Okubo A, Okazaki R, Tachibana S, Terada K, Nakamura T, Ebihara M & Nagahara H
(2013) Large Scale Material Transport in the Protoplanetary Disk and its Relevance to the “Planetary” Oxygen Isotopic Composition
Nagahara H & Ozawa K
(2012) Oxygen Isotopic Exchange Reaction between Silicate Melt and Ambient Gas
Nagahara H & Ozawa K
(2011) Viscosity Measurements of FeO-Rich Silicate Melts and Its Implication for the Lunar Crust Formation
Sakai R, Kushiro I, Nagahara H, Ozawa K & Tachibana S
(2011) Kinetics of Condensation and Cosmochemical Fractionation of the Planet Forming Materials in the Early Solar Nebula
Nagahara H & Ozawa K
(2008) 26Al-26Mg Systematics and Petrological Study of Chondrules in CR Chondrites
Kurahashi E, Kita N, Nagahara H & Morishita Y
(2004) 26Al Ages of Ferromagnesian Chondrules of CO3.0 Yamato-81020
Kurahashi E, Kita N, Nagahara H & Morishita Y
(2004) Kinetic Condensation of Gas for the Diversity of Ferromagnesian Chondrule Compositions
Nagahara H & Ozawa K
(2003) Stability of Forsterite, Enstatite, and Silicate Melt Around Young and Evolved Stars
Nagahara H & Ozawa K
(2003) Correlation of 26Al Ages with Bulk Compositions of Ferromagnesian Chondrules in CO and CV Chondrites
Kurahashi E, Kita N & Nagahara H
(2002) The 26Al Ages of Chondrules as the Chemical Records of the Active Proto-Planetary Disk
Kita N, Mostefaoui S, Tachibana S & Nagahara H
(2002) Chemical Diversity of Chondrule Melt and its Origin
Nagahara H & Ozawa K
(2002) Incongruent Evaporation of Olivine at Low Temperature
Ozawa K & Nagahara H

Nagahashi T. (2020) Variability of Protoliths and P-T Conditions of Amphibolites from the Ohmachi Seamount (Izu-Bonin-Mariana Arc)
Imayama T, Ueda H, Usuki T, Mainami M, Asahara Y & Nagahashi T

Nagahisa S. (2020) Hydrothermal Synthesis of Soluble Organic Molecules Starting from the Solar O/C/N Ratio
Nagahisa S, Tachibana S, Shimamura S & Takano Y

Nagai H. (2016) Distribution of 137Cs and 129I in Seawater Near the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Plant in May 2011
Nagai H, Yamagata T & Kumamoto Y
(2011) Nd Isotopic Compositions in the Central Indian Ocean
Tazoe H, Obata H, Nagai H & Gamo T
(2008) Surface Nd Isotopic Distribution in the South Pacific Ocean
Tazoe H, Sato H, Nagai H, Obata H & Gamo T
(2003) Concentration and Carbon Isotope Profiles of CH4 in Paddy Rice Canopy
Han G, Yoshikoshi H, Nagai H, Yamada T, Saito M & Miyata A
(2003) The Origin of Bedded Radiolarian Chert from the Middle Permian Gufeng Formation, Chaohu Area, Anhui Province, China
Kametaka M, Takebe M, Nagai H, Zhu S & Takayanagi Y
(2003) Beryllium Isotopes Observed in Hachijo Island
Nagai H, Yamagata T, Saito C & Matsuzaki H
(2003) Cosmogenic Radionuclides in Large Iron Meteorites
Noguchi M, Honda M, Matsuzaki H, Oura Y & Nagai H

Nagai S.
(2016) Accurate Detection of Spatio-Temporal Variability of Vegetation by Remote-Sensing Observations
Nagai S & Nasahara K
(2016) Seasonal Change of Satellite-Derived Indices for Snow and Vegetation Covers in Alaska Using Time-Lapse Digital Camera Images
Sugiura K, Nagai S & Suzuki R
(2016) Supersite for Eco-Hydrological Observations at Boreal Forest in Poker Flat Research Range, Alaska
Suzuki R, Kim Y, Kobayashi H, Nagai S, Saito K, Sugiura K, Iwahana G & Busey R
(2016) Understory CO2, Sensible Heat, and Latent Heat Fluxes in a Black Spruce Forest in Interior Alaska
Ikawa H, Nakai T, Busey R, Kim Y, Kobayashi H, Nagai S, Ueyama M, Saito K, Nagano H, Suzuki R & Hinzman L

Nagai T. (2023) Direct Observation of pH Distribution during the Formation of Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs in Gel Media
Kawano J, Matsumoto S, Miki K, Toyofuku T, Nagai Y & Nagai T
(2020) Visualization of Two-Dimensional Distributions of pH and Ca2+ Concentration Around Dissolving/Forming CaCO3 Minerals
Kawano J, Yazaki M, Konno Y, Toyofuku T, Nagai Y & Nagai T
(2016) Investigation of the Effect of Mg2+ Incorporation on the Structure of CaCO3 Clusters by the Anharmonic Downward Distortion Following Method
Kawano J, Maeda S & Nagai T
(2009) Experimental Observations of H-bonding Symmetrization of δ-AlOOH
Kagi H, Ushijima D, Sano-Furukawa A, Komatsu K, Iizuka R, Nagai T & Nakano S
(2007) Mineral Phase Identification of Coral Skeletal Microstructure
Sowa K, Watanabe T, Seto Y, Motai S & Nagai T

Nagai Yasuhiro (2015) Geochemical Behavior of Scale Components in Geothermal Fluids during Silica Precipitation at Sumikawa Geothermal Plant
Ikeda R, Ueda A & Nagai Y

Nagai Yuichiro (2012) Separation of Mo, W and HFSEs from Rock Samples for the Study of Isotope Anomalies in Meteorites
Nagai Y, Yokoyama T & Walker R

Nagai Yuichiro (2015) Highly Precise Mo Isotope Analysis by N-TIMS with In-Run Oxygen Isotopic Correction
Nagai Y, Yokoyama T & Fukami Y
(2013) Molybdenum Isotopic Compositions in Allende Chondrules
Nagai Y, Yokoyama T & Okui W

Nagai Yuichiro (2016) Mo Isotope Evidence for Distinct Isotope Reservoirs in the Early Solar System
Nagai Y & Yokoyama T

Nagai Yuichiro (2020) Origin and Evolution of Distinct Isotopic Variabilities for Sr, Mo, and Nd within CC and NC Reservoirs
Yokoyama T, Fukai R, Nagai Y & Hirata T

Nagai Yukiko (2023) Direct Observation of pH Distribution during the Formation of Calcium Carbonate Polymorphs in Gel Media
Kawano J, Matsumoto S, Miki K, Toyofuku T, Nagai Y & Nagai T
(2020) Visualization of Two-Dimensional Distributions of pH and Ca2+ Concentration Around Dissolving/Forming CaCO3 Minerals
Kawano J, Yazaki M, Konno Y, Toyofuku T, Nagai Y & Nagai T
(2016) Microscopic Imaging Reveals Geochemical Cellular Process of Foraminiferal Calcification
Toyofuku T, Matsuo MY, de Nooijer L, Nagai Y, Kawada S & Kitazato H

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