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N J. (2021) Benthic Foraminifera from Part of Andhra Coast, Southeast Coast of India: An Integrated Approach for Marine Environmental Changes
G S & N J

N'Diaye A. (2020) SXM Analysis of Nanoscale Electron Transfer Processes at the Cell-Mineral Interface in Co-bearing Fe/Mn Minerals
Buchanan D, Lloyd JR, Kaulich B, Newsome L, Mulroy D, Van der Lann G, N'Diaye A & Coker V

N'Diayne A. (2019) Investigating the Mechanism of Microbial Reduction of a Cobalt-Doped Asbolane System Using Scanning X-Ray Microscopy (SXM)
Buchanan DM, Lloyd JR, Kaulich B, Newsome L, Mulroy DS, van der Laan G, N'Diayne A & Coker V

N'Guessan A.L. (2010) Formation of Selenium Nanospheres Accompanying Bioremediation of a Uranium-Contaminated Aquifer
Williams KH, N'Guessan AL, Wilkins MJ & Long PE

N'Sungani P. (2011) The Pan-African Reconstruction of NW Angola: Petro-Structural and Temporal Constraints
Monie P, Bosch D, Bruguier O, Vauchez A, N'Sungani P & Rolland Y

Na C. (2012) Proton and Metal Adsorption onto Oxidized Graphene
Duster T, Na C, Wang H & Fein J
(2010) Quantify Nanoscale Surface Properties Using Advanced Scanning Probe Microscopy
Na C & Yu Q
(2008) Excess Interfacial Force Induced by Oxide Nanostructures on Rhodochrosite
Na C & Martin S

Na U-S. (2011) CO2, CH4, N2O Flux Measurements from a Constructed Wetland
Kim D-S & Na U-S

Naafs B. David A. (2016) Lacustrine Expansion and Carbon Drawdown during the Early Toarcian Oceanic Anoxic Event
Xu W, Ruhl M, Jenkyns HC, Hesselbo SP, Riding JB, Selby D, Naafs BDA, Weijers JWH, Pancost RD, Tegelaar EW & Idiz EF

Naafs B. David. A. (2013) Multiple Pools of Reduced Carbon can be Released during Hyperthermals
Pancost R, Badger M, Naafs D, Froehner S, Castro J-M, De Gea G, Quijano M-L, Aguado R, Lowson C & Ridgwell A
(2013) C-Isotope Evidence for pCO2 and Volcanic Forcing during the Early Aptian OAE 1a – The Cau Section (SE Spain)
Castro JM, De Gea GA, Pancost RD, Quijano ML & Naafs BDA

Naafs Bernhard David A (2017) Biomarker and Trace-Element Evidences for Redox-Conditions and Productivity during the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event (Carbonero Section, Southern Spain)
de Gea GA, Quijano ML, Froehner S, Castro JM, Aguado R, Naafs BDA & Pancost R

Naafs David (2017) Quantifying Terrestrial Temperatures during the Early Paleogene: New Insights from Novel Organic Geochemical Proxies
Naafs D, Inglis G, Rohrssen M, Pancost R & peat database collaborators T
(2017) The Eocene was Hot
Pancost R, Inglis G & Naafs D
(2017) Constraining Carbon Inputs during the Onset of OAE 1a via Inverse Modelling
Adloff M, Greene S, Naafs D, Monteiro F, Lunt D, Ridgwell A & Hesselbo S
(2017) Multi-Proxy Evidence for Global Cooling during Oceanic Anoxic Event 2: The Plenus Cold Event
O'Connor L, Robinson S, Batenburg S, Jenkyns H, Naafs D, Pancost R & Rae J
(2017) Development of Biomarker Proxies for Terrestrial Methane Cycling
Inglis G, Naafs D & Pancost R

Naafs David (2020) The Distribution of Long-Chain N-Alkan-2-Ones in Peat can be Used to Infer Past Changes in pH
Zhang Y, Huang X, Wang R & Naafs D

Naafs David (2018) Elevated Terrestrial Temperatures during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum: A Multi-Proxy Perspective
Inglis G, Naafs D, Rohrssen M, Kennedy L & Pancost R
(2018) Long-Term Terrestrial Temperature Changes Across the Cenozoic: Applications of Organic Geochemical Proxies to Lignite Deposits
Lauretano V, Naafs D, Wallace MW, Korasidis VA, Holdgate GR & Pancost RD
(2018) 2-Methylhopanes in Bacteria, the Sedimentary Archive, and Implications for the History of Life
Naafs D, Bianchini G, Monteiro F & Sanchez-Baracaldo P

Naafs David (2015) Geochemistry and Stratigraphy of an Expanded Section Recording the Early Aptian Oceanic Anoxic Event (Carbonero Section, Subbetic Basin, Southern Spain)
Froehner S, Aguado R, de Gea GA, Castro JM, Quijano ML, Pancost RD & Naafs D
(2015) Phanerozoic Trends in Seawater Nitrogen Isotope Composition from Geoporphyrins
Henkes G, Shen J, Naafs D, Idiz E, Shen Y, Wankel S & Pearson A
(2015) Towards a Peat-Specific Temperature Proxy, Based on brGDGTs
Naafs BDA, Inglis GN, McClymont E, Huguet A, Vleeschouwer F, Evershed RP, Badger MPS & Pancost RD
(2015) First Occurrence of Archaeal Tetraether Lipids with 5 to 7 Cyclopentane Moieties in a Mesophilic Setting
Inglis GN, Naafs BDA, Feakins SJ, Lahteenoja O, Ponton C, Collinson ME, Rohrssen M & Pancost RD
(2015) Coupled Model-Data Approach to Terrestrial Methane Cycling during Paleogene Greenhouse Climates
Badger M, Rohrssen M, Inglis G, Naafs BD, Pancost R, Valdes P, Wilton D, Beerling D, Collinson M, Kennedy E, Singh P & Singh M
(2015) Impact of Oceanic Anoxia and High pCO2 on the Marine Nitrogen Cycle during the Early Cretaceous
Monteiro F, Naafs D, Pancost R, Pearson A, Ridgwell A & Higgins M
(2015) Evidence for Methane Cycling in Paleogene Terrestrial and Marginal Marine Sediments
Rohrssen M, Inglis GN, Badger MPS, Naafs BDA, Kennedy EM, Collinson ME, Singh PK, Singh MP & Pancost RD

Naafs David (2012) North American Ice Sheet Dynamics Controlled by Obliquity (41 ka) during the Early Pleistocene
Naafs D, Hefter J, Acton G, Haug GH, Martinez-Garcia A, Pancost R & Stein R
(2011) Tracing the Source of IRD in the Heinrich Layers of the North Atlantic
Naafs D, Hefter J, Zhang S & Stein R

Naafs David (2019) Late Pliocene (~2.7 Myr) Onset of Glacial Carbon Storage in the Atlantic Ocean
Naafs D, Haug G, Stein R & Pancost R
(2019) A New Modelling Framework to Investigate Trace Metal Dynamics during Carbon Cycle Perturbations
Adloff M, Greene SE, Ridgwell A, Parkinson IJ, Monteiro FM, Naafs BDA & Dickson AJ
(2019) New Evidence for Widespread Extreme Warmth at Southern High Latitudes during the Late Cretaceous
O'Connor L, Robinson S, Jenkyns H, Naafs D, Pancost R, Bogus K & Tierney J
(2019) Euxinia during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Behrooz L, Naafs D, Monteiro F, Pearson A, Dickson A & Pancost R

Naafs David (2014) Lignites as Archives of Ancient Climate-Biogeochemistry Dynamics
Pancost R, Inglis G, Badger M, Naafs D, Zheng Y, Collinson M, Talbot H, Bischoff J, Carmichael M & Lunt D

Naafs David (2021) Elevated Primary Productivity in the Shallow Eastern Tethys during the Paleocene-Eocene Thermal Maximum
Cui Y, Naafs D, Calderon L, De Palma M, Gachetti A, Greiss A & Jiang S
(2021) Sensitivity of Lipids and their Isotopic Composition to Shifting Carbon Cycle Dynamics along a Coastal Marine-Freshwater Wetland Gradient
Blewett J, Pancost RD & Naafs D

Naba S. (2011) Paleoproterozoic Crustal Growth in West Africa: Archean or Modern Tectonics?
Baratoux L, Ganne J, Jessell MW, Naba S & Metelka V

Nabbefeld B. (2009) Biogeochemically Cycling of C, S, H Across the P/Tr Boundary in Spitsbergen
Nabbefeld B, Grice K, Twitchett R, Summons R, Hays L & Boettcher M
(2007) Significance of Biomarkers for P/T and F/F Mass Extinctions
Grice K, Nabbefeld B, Maslen E, Summons R, Twitchett R, Turgeon S, Algeo T & Bötccher M
(2007) D/H of Kerogen Across the Permian/Triassic (P/Tr) Boundary
Nabbefeld B, Grice K, Twitchett R, Schimmelmann A & Sauer P

Nabein H-P. (2011) Rates and Mechanisms of Hydration in Crystalline Crust
Yardley B, Nabein H-P & Heinrich W

Nabelek J. (2012) A Strain-Heating Model for the Seismic Low-Velocity Zone along the Main Himalaya Thrust
Nabelek P & Nabelek J

Nabelek P. (2019) Ar Diffusion in Muscovite: 2D in situ Imaging and Numerical Modeling of Coupled Lattice and Defect Mediated Diffusion
Nteme Mukonzo J, Scaillet S, Le Trong E & Nabelek P
(2015) The Clumped Isotope Geochemistry of Dolomite and Calcite in Contact Metamorphic Environments
Lloyd M, Eiler J & Nabelek P
(2014) Carbonate Clumped Isotope Thermometry of the Notch Peak Contact Metamorphic Aureole
Lloyd M, Eiler J & Nabelek P
(2013) MC-ICPMS and NRIXS: A Stereo View of Iron Isotopic Fractionation in Silicic Magmas
Dauphas N, Roskosz M, Telus M, Hu M, Alp E, Moynier F, Sio C, Tissot F, Teng F, Neuville D, Nabelek P, Craddock P, Groat L & Zhao J
(2012) Enrichment of Li in Fluids Exsolved from the Harney Peak Leucogranite Black Hills, South Dakota
Grzovic M & Nabelek P
(2012) A Strain-Heating Model for the Seismic Low-Velocity Zone along the Main Himalaya Thrust
Nabelek P & Nabelek J
(2011) The Nature of Fluid Flow Through Vertical Formations in the Aureole of the EJB Pluton, White Mountains, California
Nabelek P & Morgan S
(2010) Influences of Variable Reactivity of Calc-Silicates on Fluid Fluxes in Contact-Metamorphic Aureoles
Nabelek P
(2008) Coupled Fluid Flow with Calc-Silicate Reactions Around Plutons – Results of Numerical Simulations
Nabelek P
(2005) Fluid-Mediated Mineral Consumption and Growth in Polymetamorphosed Metapelites of the Black Hills, South Dakota
Nabelek P, Labotka T, Helms T & Wilke M
(2004) The Behavior of Lithium during Leucogranite Petrogenesis
Dodds J & Nabelek P
(2004) Methane Production during Metamorphism of Graphitic Pelites, Black Hills, U.S.A
Nabelek P, Wilke M & Huff T
(2003) Methane, An Important Component of Fluids in Graphitic Metapelites
Nabelek P, Wilke M, Huff T & Wopenka B
(2002) Carbonic Fluid Production during Regional and Contact Metamorphism in the Black Hills, USA
Nabelek P, Huff T & Wilke M
(2002) Numerical Modelling of Reactive Flow of Mixed H2O-CO2 Fluids and Progress of Calc-Silicate Reactions in Contact Aureoles
Cui X, Nabelek P & Liu M
(2001) Fluid Flow and Oxygen Isotope Resetting in the Notch Peak Contact Metamorphic Aureole, Utah: Insights from Two-Dimensional Numerical Modeling
Cui X, Nabelek PI & Liu M
(2001) Production of Carbonic Fluids from Graphite during Metamorphism and their Retention in the Deep Crust
Nabelek PI, Wilke M, Huff TA & Sirbescu M-L
(2000) Lithologically-Controlled Fluid Pathways on Thin-Section Scale in the Notch Peak Calc-Silicate Contact Aureole, Utah, USA
Nabelek P
(2000) Coupled Mineralogic Reaction and Isotopic Exchange in Regionally Metamorphosed Dolomite, Death Valley, California
Labotka TC, Souza P & Nabelek P

Naber S. (2014) Evaluation of Bioaccessibility Methods to Predict Relative Bioavailability of Arsenic in Contaminated Soils
Stevens B, Basta N, Whitacre S, Naber S, Scheckel K, Casteel S, Bradham K & Thomas D

Nabhan S. (2019) Oxidative Sulfur Cycling and Microbial Colonization of the Continents 3.2 Ga ago
Nabhan S, Marin-Carbonne J, Mason PRD & Heubeck C
(2013) Microbially-Induced Carbonate Precipitation, Moodies Group (3.2 Ga, BGB, South Africa)
Homann M, Heubeck C, Airo A, Tice M & Nabhan S
(2013) Evaporitic Sulfate Concretions, Moodies Group (~3.2 Ga, Barberton Greenstone Belt, South Africa)
Nabhan S, Heubeck C & Homann M

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